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The Flavor Apprentice
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The Flavor Apprentice

The Flavor Apprentice

When Leisureliquids started to sell mixing concentrates back in 2012, The Perfumers Apprentice was one of the only companies selling suitable flavours for Make Your Own Eliquids, so we imported these flavours from the USA and made them available in the UK. Since then, they have changed their name to from The Perfumer's Apprentice to The Flavor Apprentice. Over the years, this has confused our customers and the vaping community alike. People think these are two seperate companies, supplying seperate flavours. They are the same company, with the same flavours. To minimise confusion, most vendors have kept the brand name The Perfumer's Apprentice, including ourselves.

From 1st July 2017, we will be changing all of our new stock to Flavor Apprentice labels, so you might order Perfumer's Apprentice but they will come labelled as Flavor Apprentice. Remember, same juice - difference label!


The Perfumer’s Apprentice / Flavor Apprentice range of flavour concentrates are an essential part of any DIY Mixers Toolkit. They have a huge world wide following and high reputation as a quality product. These are  PG based, water soluble flavourings (unless otherwise stated on description) and bring a whole new taste and essence to your mixing. These are the most common flavours found in UK based eliquids

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PA Vanilla Custard 10ml
Vanilla Custard Flavour by Perfumers Apprentice Vanilla Custard tastes like the classic filling f..
PA Vanilla Swirl
Vanilla Swirl Flavour by Perfumers Apprentice water soluble This is our vanilla custard flavou..
PA Vanillin 10% PG 10ml
Vanillin 10% PG by Perfumers Apprentice Intensely sweet and very tenacious creamy vanilla odour. ..
Based on 1 reviews.
PA Waffle (Belgian) 10ml
Waffle (Belgian) Concentrate by Perfumers Apprentice This flavour is a bit "richer" than our orig..
Based on 1 reviews.
PA Watermelon 10ml
Watermelon Flavour by Perfumers Apprentice Water soluble. An all-natural flavour - crisp clea..
Pancake by Perfumers Apprentice 10ml*
Pancake Flavour - 10ml Water Soluble. Fluffy pancake with a hint of butter and maple syrup fla..
Smooth by The Flavor Apprentice
Smooth by Flavor Apprentice - 10ml A flavour smoothener that is useful to use in concert with oth..
Customer Product Reviews
Flavour is nice and strong but does die off a bit after a few days steeping but .. ...»
great flavour i would recommend using less quantity of the concentrate than what.. ...»
gareth eyles
I really like this one, well balanced, the cereal flavour really develops with s.. ...»
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