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M&P - Pchelas Famous 5 Layer

M&P - Pchelas Famous 5 Layer
Product Code: Mom and Pop Pchelas Famous 5 Layer Concentrate
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M&P T Pchelas Famous Five Layer Concentrate 10ml

This is a contest winning recipe that has a unique mix of five different flavours with great undertones making this a wonderful, unique vape.  A sweet, mellow vape with the flavours of coconut, butterscotch, graham cracker and chocolate mingled together upfront and a smooth, creamy vanilla flavour on the exhale. The flavours are subtle individually, but when joined together, they make for a delicious all day vape its like heaven in a cloud.

Yep, go ahead get some it is awesome !!

All these juices are imported from Mom and Pops Vapor Shop, USA by and rebottled in the UK. They are sold to you as they were made, with nothing added or taken away.

About Mom and Pops

Our juices are all made here in the USA, Virginia, to be more specific.  The ingredients are; Propylene Glycol (PG), Vegetable Glycerine (VG) and natural and artificial flavoring.  Our standard mixture is approximately 50/50 PG/VG.    

We worked very hard and took our time to define each recipe so that we could promote each flavors' individual strengths and weaknesses.  To gain the best vapor production and throat hit we used the best ratio of recipe ingredients available.

Diacetyl - We are aware of the concerns faced with diacetyl.  We do not  have any flavors containing diacetyl and will not add any.  Mom and Pop will always disclose any dangers we are aware of.




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