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E Liquid Mixing Calculator

Please note that the e liquid Mixing Calculator is free to be used by any mixers including non customers but is Copyrighted. Permission in NOT given for code copying or copying of the calculator to be used anywhere other than this site.

Enter your values here:


Item mls Drops %
Nicotine Base      
PG or VG      



The Results

Based upon what you put into the calculations, the results will
give you the exact measurements to make your perfect mix.

Particular attentionshould be given to amount of PG/VG.
If you like a 50%/50% mix, please alter accordingly not exceeding the amount (ml) stated in the results, taking into
account if you nicotine base is PG/VG

How To Use The Mixing Calculator

1. Base Nicotine

This is the strength of nicotine you have brought from your Vendor. Typically, it will be 52mg, 54mg or 75mg (5.2/%, 5.4%,7.5%). Nicotine is DANGEROUS at these levels and must therefore be mixed down.

Final Nicotine Strength

This is the level you vape at. Typically 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


This is the % flavouring you wish to add. Ie: 15% Capella Vanilla Custard. % Can range from between 5% to 20% depending on your mix and the flavour concentrate strength

Final Quantity

This figure is the amount of e-liquid you want to finish with, eg 10ml, 30ml etc

Other Dilutants

Some mixers add Vodka, Deironised or Distilled water to their mixes. Typically at 10% but can reach 20%

Drops per ml

This is for mixers who measure in drops from their dropper bottles. Most use syringes and so this won’t apply. Typically 20 drops is equal to 1ml from a syringe.



UK Vapers, Planet of the Vapes, The Vapers Den, All abour E-Cigarettes are all top rated Vaping Forums who will provide a wealth of information and guides on mixing. We recommend that you join these forums as if you have  a question, it would have been answered!

If your thinking about mixing for the first time, we suggest using a basic calculator as above and buying the following items, which are indicated in the calculator. The best thing about mixing is you get to make your own flavours for little cost. Please remember once mixed, your eliquid will need to steep (rest) for 7 days before use

1. Nicotine Base - either in PG or VG (This will add the nicotine into the mix)

2. VG and PG (This will give throat hit and vapour)

3. Distilled Water  or Vodka (This dilutes the VG within mix)

4. Flavour Concentrates (This gives the mix it’s flavour)

5. Syringes, blunt drawing needles, empty bottles.(Needed for the correct measurement)


6. Sweetener (Lots of flavour Concentrates are unsweetened)

7. Koolada (makes your vape cold if you don’t like warm vaping - works best in menthols and fruits)

If you're happy with your new found knowledge of Diy E-Liquid mixing why not take a look at our e liquid mixing kits

Dont forget to also check out our huge range of some of The best E-liquid flavour concentrates available

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