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Customer Reviews

Rainbow Candy Flavor West Concentrate
An Excellent, bold flavour, very similar to actual skittles. Proved popular with myself and friends. Used at around 20% strength with 20/80 PG/VG
TFA Spearmint 10ml
A good strong Spearmint flavour great for the price
Essential DIY E-Liquid Mixing Kit
Just received my starter kit. So my first time venturing into making my own e-liquid. Firstly many thanks for a postage refund when I forgot to order the flavour liquid. So massive thanks for that. The package arrived very quickly and was boxed well with lots of foam nuggets for protection. The liquids were well labelled and came with everything I needed to get started. Using leisure liquids flavour calculator I am now vaping with a nice strong menthol e-liquid that has cost me a fraction of the price of my normal e-liquids and taste just as good as anything I have previously purchased. So the bottom line is, Awesome products, Awesome Staff, Awesome communications. Will def be purchasing from you guys again. A+++++++++
08/05/2015Richy Neath
Jungle Juice Flavor West Concentrate
This is a good flavour but be aware it does have menthol in it not mentioned in the description
Vapor 1300mah Pen Starter Kit
Ordered this Monday recieved Tuesday. Discussed this with Paul Dunford above who put me in touch with Jonathan who was extremely helpful. His advice and help and customer care is second to none and he is always willing to help. Amazing company and service
14/09/2014Paul Bishop
Vapor 1300mah Pen Starter Kit
Thanks to my lovely Neighbour Jonathan who spent a lot of time talking about these he got me converted and i am on Day One and Loving the Candy Floss flavour. Jonathan works there and is so helpful too. A great helper and salesman (even outside of work) and a great company and a great starter kit too. Fab price and easy to use. #GoodRiddanceCiggies
10/08/2014Paul Dunford
TFA Vanillin 10% PG 10ml
A good, reasonably strong vanilla flavour. really adds well to other flavour combinations. It's not the strongest of vanilla flavours, but it is probably the purest & truest vanilla you'll get. Needs some sweetening as pure vanilla isn't naturally sweet. Probably not a flavour you'd use on its own, but should be in every vapers mix collection. Only down side: could be stronger.
TFA RY4 Double 10ml
Considering this is supposed to be a double concentrate I think it's very weak. So far I've only used it in combination with other flavours (mainly liquorice) & I just had to keep adding more & more. Surely a double strength concentrate shouldn't need to be mixed at 20%??? Otherwise it's a very nice flavour, perhaps a little subtle for my tastes, but that hasn't stopped me ordering more.
Vapor 1300mah Pen Starter Kit
Have tried giving up smoking many times and failed. Just got this kit for my 40th birthday and am really enjoying it so far. OK I'm still taking nicotine but I'm not smoking and I'm not missing it! Never got on with patches, gum/mints taste foul, this is the way forward!
11/03/2014vaping convert
TFA RY4 Double 10ml
Love this flavour. Main flavour is hard caramel. Think peanut brittle minus the peanuts. There's a hint of something nutty and a touch of fragrant tobacco on the exhale. I've been making this up as my main vape for about 6 months now and keep on buying it. I make it up to a 70/30 pg/vg mix @ 18 mg using 20% flavouring. If you like off the shelf RY4 ejuice give this a try.
Pchelas Famous 5 Layer by Mom & Pop
This took a looong time of steeping before it got smokable. Tried it from time to time almoust 2 month before it was good. But than it tastes great =) Mixed 20% in 50/50 PG/VG