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Nic18 - PG Nicotine Base 18mg

Nic18 - PG Nicotine Base 18mg
Product Code: Nic18 - PG Unflavoured Nicotine Base 18mg 10ml Bottle
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Nic18 Unflavoured PG Eliquid Base

10ml  1.8% / 18mg

This range of Nicotine has been developed so that we can continue to provide our pharmaceutical grade nicotine in a TPD fully compliant 10ml bottle at a strength of 18mg/ml.

To achieve your desired strength of Nicotine when making your own eliquid, we recommend following the guidelines provided in the Nicotine table below. This is for guidance only. For a more personalised calculation for alternative strengths and sizes, please use an eliquid calculator available online.

  60ml 250ml 500ml 100ml
3mg 1 Bottle (10ml) 4.2 Bottles (42ml) 8.3 Bottles (83ml) 16.7 Bottles (167ml)
6mg 2 Bottles (20ml) 8.3 Bottles (83ml) 16.7 Bottles (167ml) 33.3 Bottles (333ml)
9mg 3 Bottles (30ml) 12.5 Bottles (125ml) 25 Bottles (250ml) 50 Bottles (500ml)


Always keep Nicotine in a cool, dry dark location, out of reach of children and animals.Only intended for use after diluting for use with electronic cigarettes.Seek medical advice if feeling unwell. NOT for use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Not recommended for use by persons under the age of 18 or by non-smokers, anybody allergic to propylene glycol or glcerine and by persons suffering from heart disease.


This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive and toxic substance.If spilled, please clean and dispose of responsibly to protect our enviornment


Wash any areas of skin in contact with nicotine immdiately.If the product comes into contact with the eyes flush with water. If medical advice needed, please have the bottle to hand. If swallowed, wash mouth out and seek medical advice.

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