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Rebuildable Supplies
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Rebuildable Supplies

Rebuildable Supplies

For all your rebuildable supplies.
Whether you are a beginner to rebuilding your own atomiser wicks and coils or a time served rebuildable veteran you will find what you need  here.

We are happy to say we now carry one of the largest ranges of rebuildable supplies.

A1 Kanthal resistence wire and ribbon wire, pure nickel and 99.99% silver non-resistence wire.

Ekowool, silica and stainless steel mesh wicking materials.

Please note that after current stocks, we will be discontinuing 1m Kanthal in favour of 10m reels

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99.99% Silver Non - Resistance Wire 1 Metre
99.99% Silver Soft Round Non Resistance Wire - 0.15mm ..
Coil Master Ceramic Tweezers
(Colour Black) Great for adjusting items with precision Replaceable tips Tips are heat ..
Coil Master OHM Reader Meter Resistance Tester
he Coil Master Ohm meter is a crucial tool for measuring resistance and voltage of vaping atomiz..
Coil Master V3 Kit
Features: 1 Updated larger size jig for a more ergonomic fit in your hand 2 Long..
Coil Winding Jig
Includes 5 different sized rods: 1.0mm + 1.6mm + 2.4mm + 3.2mm + 3.5mm The hole on the body can act ..
Ekowool is a high temperature resistance glass fibre chord,  used in rebuildable atomizers. ..
Infinite 8 in 1 Coil Kit
Kanthal A1 resistence wire 1 Metre
We will shortly be discontinuing 1m Kanthal in favour of 10m Reels. If not in stock please try 10m ..
Kanthal A1 Resistence wire 10 Metre Spool
Kanthal A1 resistence wire - 10 Metre Kanthal A1 wire is well known around the world for its heat..
Kanthal A1 Ribbon Resistence wire 1 Metre
Kanthal A1 Ribbon Heat Resistance Wire 1 Metre Heat resistance - Up to 1400°C (2600°F) with a mel..
Nickel Chrome Resistence wire
Nickel Chrome 80/20 Soft Heat Resistance Wire Heat Resistance - Up to 1000°C (1832°F) 0.15 (15..
Organic Cotton Wool Balls
Organic Cotton Wool Balls for rebuilding. Pack of 10 Balls ..
Organic Japanese Cotton 5g
Pure nickel Non-Resistence Wire
Pure Nickel Non-Resistance Wire 1 Metre Available in 0.15, 0.17, 0.18, 0.20, 0.27 ..
Silica Wick
Silica wick is a high temperature glass fibre strand, used for rebuildable atomizers. This price ..
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Great item for the price. would buy again.. ...»
Mark from POTV
First thing you notice with this juice is it's pungent smell. Even without crack.. ...»
Really good flavour. Will buy again. .. ...»