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Where to start


Most of my customers are people that have been vaping for many weeks, months and years so my website, like many other vaping websites is understandable and straight forward for them but to those of you that know nothing about vaping, I have written this page for you. I will use no technical language in this, I will tell it how it is. For further information, they are hundreds and thousands of pages on the internet.


What exactly is it?

Basically, vaping is a form of getting nicotine into your system through an electronic cigarette. Patches and gum do the same sort of thing, but vaping introduces nicotine into your system through the mouth and lungs like smoking (patches and gum do this through bloodstream). It is very similar to smoking and I personally think of it as still smoking, but just having changed by brand!


What is an ecigarette?

Many people think that an e-cigarette is something  that looks like a plastic cigarette. WRONG! Times have changed and e-cigarettes take many forms these days. You can buy a disposable from your Chemist, you can buy a refillable one where you just replace the tobacco cartridges or you can buy a tank system one from a company like mine. We shall look at each one in turn.


Disposable E-cigarette

These are one piece electronic cigarettes which you can buy from Garages, Chemists and Supermarkets. They are very pricey at between £6.00 to £8.00 EACH. But are a good way of seeing if an e-cigarette is for you. Because they look like cigarettes, we call these Disposable Mini-E-cigarettes. They last for the equivalent of about 30 normal cigarettes so are slightly cheaper than smoking.

These generally only come in one flavour tobacco, so next time you're shopping, give one a go and see how you get on with them. Once the tobacco flavour has gone though (remember equivalent to 30 cigs). These will just stop working and it’s time to throw them away!


Rechargable E-Cigarette

These we think you're going to enjoy! Similar to the Disposable, these ones you can recharge using a USB or Wall Charger. These look like cigarettes but come in two pieces, the white piece is the battery, the brown piece (butt) is the nicotine cartridge. Broadly speaking, When you take a puff or drag on one of these, the battery heats the liquid which contains nicotine (in the butt), which creates a vapour, which you inhale like a cigarette into your lungs. The nicotine comes in tobacco, menthol or several other flavours and to be honest, there is no difference between smoking these and smoking a cigarette in my opinion. A basic starter kit will cost you from £20.00, which includes your battery, USB charger and about two cartridge refills. Based upon my personal use of them, a cartridge will Last for about a day and then you throw the original away

and use a new one. New replacement cartridges cost about £17.00 for 10, so based upon that it is the equivalent paying out £1.70 a day on smoking. If you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you will save about £5.30 a day or £37.00 PER WEEK. The only downside to these is the battery will only last about 4 hours for a normal smoker so you need to have at least two batteries charged at all times.


Vaping Kits

Once people have been using the rechargeable for a few weeks, most have by then found them to be fantastic and they start Internet searches on e-cigarettes and find the vaping websites which they don’t quite understand. They find websites like this one that sell e-liquids and kits but are not sure how they work.

Vaping kits or vape sticks are also electronic e-cigarettes and work in the same way with a few slight differences. If you compare the pictures of the Rechargeable E-cigarette and the Vaping E-Cigarette they are easy to see. Both have a battery, but instead of the Vaping Stick having a nicotine cartridge, it has a tank which is also refillable.  The first thing you will notice if you try them out is battery life. There is a very big difference between the two. The Rechargeable E-Cigarette batteries will last

About 4 hours where the vaping ones will last at least 8 and depending what you get and how often you use it, up to a couple of days!. With the refillable tank, you can simply buy your own nicotine liquid (also called e-liquid or e-juice) and fill up the tank, attach the tank to your battery and vape. Again, the starter kit will cost around £20.00 and your eliquids will be about £3.75 to £5.00. Based upon our prices, we estimate that if you smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you will use about 2.5ml of liquid a day, which is £0.93p per day. This would be a saving of £6.07 per day or £42.49 PER WEEK. Now we think you will notice why vaping is getting very popular! Not only are you saving that amount, but you are not getting the chemicals associated with cigarettes and it is just like smoking cigarettes. You will also now be realising why the big tobacco companies want vaping banned, you are costing them billions of pounds per year in lost revenues!!!

Another reason why Vaping is so popular over rechargeable cigarettes is the flavourings. Where rechargeable cigarettes are restricted to tobacco and menthol and one or two other flavours, eliquid (nicotine liquid) which you buy on it’s own is available in 100’s of flavours. alone offers over 90 flavours on the premixed eliquids so the choice is endless.


E-Liquids, E-Flavourings, Syringes and Mixing

You may well, with good reason, look around my site and wonder what the hell is going on! Why am I selling flavourings and syringes?

The answer is simple but I will be brief as it will not apply to you at this stage and I don’t want to confuse matters. Once people have tried vaping and are buying pre-mixed eliquids (nicotine liquid) some more adventurous users decide that they want to make their own juices and nicotine flavours and this is quite easy to do. It is

Possible to buy nicotine base (pure nicotine liquid unflavoured) and mix in your own flavourings (normally food flavourings) to make your own eliquid to vape. Not only is this easy to do, you can make your own personal mixed flavours and it is cheaper than buying pre mixed eliquid (nicotine liquid). There are some mixers that sell their own mixed flavours online and some of these are now world famous and sell great liquids. Just chill out for a month or two, enjoy pre-mixed liquids and then do some research if you want to try this. I MUST warn you that you CANNOT go to the supermarket and but food flavourings and mix. This is extremely dangerous as generally, the food flavourings used for vaping are not available in the UK. The flavourings used for vaping contain PG (Propylene Glycol) which is used as a carrier to dissolve flavour ingredients and must NOT contain DIACETYL. These flavours are usually imported by vaping companies from the USA. As a general rule, all UK Companies must show their Company name and number on their websites by law. NEVER EVER buy any vaping equipment including kits and eliquid from anyone who does not display this.


Will E-Cigarettes Stop Me Smoking?

I am NOT allowed by LAW to say that these will stop you smoking. The equipment I sell is an alternative to smoking, lots of people use them while still smoking. I do NOT promote the equipment as a Stop Smoking Product and never will do. For that it has to be licensed which costs hundreds of thousands of pounds.

I can tell you my story because it is fact and I do NOT tell you this true story in order to sell my product.

I started smoking at 13 years of age and smoked until I was 44 years of age. I smoked between 35 to 40 cigarettes a day. For ME, patches, gum and pills prescribed by a GP did not work  (They do work on others). I used to cough in the morning and wheeze at night. I still loved a cigarette but they ruled my life, ruled by finances, ruled my health.

On 07/07/2012, I was visiting Tesco and brought a disposable e-cigarette to try. I was well impressed. I then went on the internet and found a company that sold rechargeable ecigarettes and ordered a months worth. I was even more impressed and I had NO cravings for a cigarette as I will still getting my nicotine. After just 2 weeks my cough and wheezing had stopped. After some research, I then ordered an Ego Vaping Kit and some eliquid and I have not looked back since. I was so impressed with the results, on 20/08/2012, I created Leisure Liquids Limited, an electronic cigarette company.

I must tell you, some of my customers have gone back to smoking, some have stayed with it and one has also created an ecigarette company!     


What Do I need to Start?


Eliquid (Nicotine Liquid)

Now you have your kit, you will need some liquid to fill up your tank. I recommend starting with a Tobacco flavour, but with over 90 flavours available on site, the choice is yours. We have tobacco flavours, drink flavours, fruit flavours and food/sweet flavours. In the tobacco section, you will notice that I sell B&H, Mayfair, Drum etc. please note that these will NOT taste exactly like your cigarette. Your cigarette has over 2000 chemicals in it, these don’t so will taste different, order a few and see what you like. Remember 1 bottle is going to last 4-5 days, maybe longer. Our pre-mixed eliquids are found here:-

We recommend 10-20 a day smoker 12mg Bottles, 20-30 a day 18mg Bottles, 40+ 24mg Bottles


Other Flavours

Please DO NOT order flavours from the Seedman, Perfumers Apprentice or Capella Ranges at this stage as these are for DIY Mixers who make their own eliquids. I also sell actual tobacco leaves for mixers, perhaps this is something you may wish to consider if you ever mix?


You're now good and ready to go! What’s it all about?

Kit Support

Got your kit. Need to know how to fill the CE4 / CE5 Tank?

1, Unscrew the mouthpiece to the tank (also known as a cartomizer)

2. When you look inside you will see a tube in the centre. When filling up, you need to AVOID putting liquid into

   this tube. If you do get some in, see point 5

3. Tilting the Tank, full it up through the top, pointing the liquid to run down the inside of the tank

4. Re-screw the mouthpiece back on.

5. If you have managed to pour liquid into the centre tube, at this point, place a tissue under the bottom end of

   the tank and blow through the mouthpiece. Any liquid that went down the tube will now be blown out.

6. Screw the tank to your battery, allow the wicks to soak in for a minute of two and inhale*

*Please note that when you inhale, you will need to press and hold the battery button at the same time. If your battery had a five click safety feature, you will need to press the button 5 times quickly within 3 seconds to turn the battery on for first time use. (I get lots of emails from customers saying that their battery is not working. It is because it is not switched on. Easy mistake if you have not used one before!)

Other Questions you may have

Eliquid - What are the Ingredients?

   Propylene Glycol (PG) CAS 57-55-6

   Vegetable Glycerine (VG or ‘Glycerol’) CAS 56-81-5

   Nicotine CAS 54-11-5

   Food-standard flavourings

What is propylene glycol?

Commonly referred to as PG and sometimes listed as 'propane-1,2-diol' in research articles, is an odourless, colourless and slightly sweet organic binding agent. Over 70 years of research has been conducted on PG proving that it is safe for human inhalation over long periods of time and the reason PG is used as the base compound for asthma inhalers. Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Gycerine have been classified as GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) and do not represent a cancer hazard. PG attracts moisture which can lead to the drying of the throat and causes it to feel sore. This usually passes after a couple of days and drinking more fluid may help relieve the symptoms. If you are allergic to PG we recommend that you seek the advice of your GP before purchasing Eliquid

Is nicotine harmful?

Nicotine is not a known carcinogenic and links to health issues are mostly inconclusive, but it is addictive. In excessive quantities it is classed as a poison, which is why toxic labelling is required. Our nicotine levels are well below the legally permissible limit. Despite the potential hazards of nicotine itself, the MHRA describes it as 'a very safe drug'. Used in moderation, nicotine has been compared no more harmful than caffeine.

Is the E-Liquid suitable for vegetarians?

Yes. The main ingredients are; Propylene Glycol, Vegetable Gylcerine, Nicotine and Flavourings, and is therefore suitable for vegetarians.

Is there are danger of passive smoke?

No. There is no physical smoke (only Vapour) which means there is no passive or second-hand smoke dangers when using our e-cigarette.

Do Leisureliquidsoffer discount codes or customer rewards?

Yes, join our Facebook Page ( where we sometimes offer discounts

How often should I replace my batteries?

Our high quality batteries are built with lithium-ion technology and regular replacement of these items is recommended to maintain peak performance. We recommend you replace your batteries every 2-3 months which will ensure that you are getting the best performance out of your Cartomizers.

How long do Clearomizers last?

We recommend replacing the CE4 Clearomizer within 30 days of first use. CE4 Clearomizers are consumable and personal usage and maintenance will affect their lifespan which makes it very difficult to determine how long each one will last. CE5 Cartomizers or Clearomizers are replaceable and we recommend changing the heads (Can be purchased seperately on site) every 30 days

How do I 'smoke' an  E-Cig?

'Smoking' the E-Cig is really called 'vaping' as there is no physical smoke only vapour. We suggest you follow

these simple techniques:

   Avoid drawing too hard or too fast, as this will limit vapour flow and nicotine delivery

   Take light, slow, steady puffs for optimal results

   Inhaling the vapour into your lungs provides a deeper nicotine throat hit, where holding the vapour in your

   mouth like a cigar, will enhance the taste

   Holding the vapour back for a minimum of 2 to 3 seconds allows the nicotine and flavours to absorb

   Taking 7 puffs, each lasting 2 to 3 seconds is classed as having 1 normal cigarette

   Inhaling steadily for 4 to 5 seconds will deliver an even stronger hit
Let us know how you get on!